A Light Year Media Personality – Are We Describing You?


How would you describe a successful salesperson’s personality?

There are a lot of traits that could be mentioned. We know that there are personality traits that some would argue as a pro and others argue as a con.

So what specific character traits do we look for in a Light Year Media salesperson? Here is our list. Let us know if we are describing you:

First, we are looking for those with a “hunter’s mentality”. These type of people are excited to go after and catch that big fish. They prepare endlessly, wade through research, contacts, and leads to ensure that they are able to land as many of those big fishes as they can.

Next we are looking for those with tenacity. These types won’t take ‘no’ for an answer and are quick on their feet with a reasoned and creditable rebuttal each and every time.

Those who are truly motivated, determined, and hard-working make our list. The ones who are the first in the office in the morning and the last to leave at night. The ones that are putting in the extra work at home and do whatever it takes to be successful at their job. Those are the ones who are really ambitious and will succeed.

Ones who are not afraid. Afraid of trying or afraid of failure. Resilience is key. You are going to make mistakes, particularly when you are first starting off. We want those who are willing to learn from them and keep going the distance.

We are looking for those who will not make excuses. None. We want those who take action when situations require action. You’re not comfortable and accepting of status quo and perform only what is required. You go above and beyond to exceed expectations.

We need good listeners. In sales, you don’t learn anything by talking. It’s that simple.

Finally, you must be honest and full of integrity. Honesty – the act of being truthful. Integrity – Keeping your word and walking your talk. Again, simple. 

If these characteristics are how you would describe yourself, you would be a great addition to our Light Year Media sales team. We are always looking for excellent salespeople and would be more than happy to set up a time to meet with you. Send your resume to careers@lightyearmedia.com.