Why Would I Want to Work at Light Year?

Why would you want to work at Light Year Media? That is a great question.

The quick and simple answer is that there are many, many benefits to working here. We will start with the obvious – the financial opportunity. From Office Administrators, Motion Graphic Designers, and of course, Sales Executives, the opportunity to do financially well at Light Year is within anyone’s grasp, especially for those with a willingness to work hard with us. Not only is the financial opportunity great, but there also is room to grow within this company.

All those who work at Light Year Media can attest that it truly is a family-like work environment. If you are going to spend 40 hours a week with people, it is important to enjoy who you are working alongside. And luckily that is something we have here. We pride ourselves on a ‘work hard, play hard’ mentality. We even offer a yoga class to all employees every Monday afternoon as a way to decrease stress and build morale.

Finally, we think it is very important to point out that you would truly be working with some of the very best in this field. Not only does the management team mentor you, they actually work alongside you. Simply, they lead by example.

We really could keep going, but we feel that you should come and experience things for yourself. Feel free to check out our ‘Careers at LYM’ page to see what exciting career opportunities are currently available. The direct link to that page is below.