Are You Scared of the Phone?

Let’s be honest, most sales professionals are scared of the phone at the very beginning. Fear of the unknown, fear of rejection, fear of failure… and we could keep going. At Light Year Media, we are looking for those who are not apprehensive to pick up that phone.

Uber, Twitter, Google, Oracle, Groupon, and Light Year Media are all excellent examples of companies that got to where they are now, through the success of phone sales. It works. But it is not for the faint of heart.

When people hear “inside phone sales” they think of words such as: scary, boring, unpleasant, repetitive, high pressure, uncomfortable, full of rejection, and confrontational. When clients feel they have been given a poor sales pitch they think of words such as: nuisance, unwanted, unprepared, high pressure, tricky, dishonest, insulting, and patronizing.

At Light Year “inside phone sales” means an open and unscripted dialogue. We are straight forward. The call is interesting and the product is helpful to our clients. All calls are customized. We are prepared, reasoned, structured, thought-provoking, creditable, and referenced. And we are always enthusiastic and passionate. We sell an amazing product at a great price. It’s that simple.

The keys to success? It is actually very effortless:

·      Be yourself. Most people can smell insincerity.

·      Be confident. Your voice shouldn’t shake or be high pitched from nerves. Remember, they can not bite you through that phone.

·      Don’t use a script. It shows. It’s a turnoff. Phone sales should be different from telemarketing.

·      Know your client. Know their name. Know their title. Know their products. Know the company. Know why they should purchase what you are selling.

·      Be organized and structured. You will lose the client’s interest if they can’t follow the flow of the call and then you end up just wasting their time and yours.

·      Learn from your mistakes. You’re going to make them at the beginning and that’s ok.

·      Don’t multitask during a call. That client is all that matters during that call.

·      RELAX. And have fun with it.

We have a great team of inside sales professionals who have been working in this industry for years. They are ready and able to mentor and work alongside you. We are always looking for great candidates to join out team. If you don’t have a fear of the phone, have a passion for sales, and a hunger to succeed, Light Year Media is the place for you!